How To: Footjam nosepick tailwhip on your BMX bicycle

Footjam nosepick tailwhip on your BMX bicycle

Eddie Cleveland is a master at footjam nosepick tailwhips on a BMX bike, so RIDEbmx got him to teach you how they are done. Just watch this video tutorial to see how to footjam nosepick tailwhip on your BMX bicycle.

The first step to learning the footjam nosepick tailwhip on a bike is to learn on flat ground. Pop your front wheel up, kick your bike, do a footjam. You're going to have to jump on your bike, kick it with your foot on the front tire and lean your body out over the trick transition.

After this, you'll be just as good at footjam nosepick tailwhip as Eddie Cleveland on your BMX bicycle.

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