How To: Patch a bike tube or tire

Patch a bike tube or tire

There are 3 steps involved in patching a bike tube:
1. Locate hole in the tube.
2. Prepare tube for patch installation.
3. Apply patch.
• To locate the hole, pump up the tube a little bigger to make sure there are no other holes. Put your ear up close to the tube to hear any air leakage or keep the face up close to feel the air leakage. After locating the hole, step 1 is complete.
• You may use a patch kit which contains vulcanized glue, a bunch of patches, and a piece of sand paper. Use the sand paper to scrub the surface of the hole to ensure proper application of the patch. Next, remove the patch off the piece of cellophane and plastic. Apply little glue on the patch and spread it. Keep it aside to dry. Apply the glue on the hole as the same size of the patch and keep it aside to dry. Thus, step 2 is complete.
• In step 3, stick the patch onto the tube where the hole is and hold it tight. The more the glue is left to dry, the less you have to hold it tight.
Thus the tube is patched up and ready to use.

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