How To: Perform a 540 caballero on a BMX bicycle

Perform a 540 caballero on a BMX bicycle

BMX: Catch Some Air

If Ernest Michaux, inventor of the modern bicycle, could see what people are doing with his creation, he'd freak out. The art of creative biking has never been more challenging and rewarding than it is now. Check out the tricks for a guide to BMX mayhem. Watch this video tutorial to see how to perform a 540 caballero on a BMX bicycle.

Trick: 540 Caballero
Difficulty: Hard

1. Start off with a fast fakie.
2. The secret to the trick is to turn your head as far as possible and spin as fast as you can.
3. Position your whole body at a 90-degree angle over your bike.
4. When you're ready, jump, turn your head and spin the bike as quickly as possible.
5. This is a difficult trick, so don't get discouraged if you don't land it right away.

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