How To: Perform a walltap barspin on a BMX bicycle

Perform a walltap barspin on a BMX bicycle

BMX: Catch Some Air

If Ernest Michaux, inventor of the modern bicycle, could see what people are doing with his creation, he'd freak out. The art of creative biking has never been more challenging and rewarding than it is now. Check out the tricks for a guide to BMX mayhem. Watch this video tutorial to see how to perform a wall tap bar spin on a BMX bicycle.

Trick: Walltap Barspin
Difficulty: Hard

1. Approach the wall a little faster than moderate speed.
2. Jump at a 30% angle and land on the wall.
3. Keep your weight balanced and centered on the wall.
4. Throw the bars with your switch hand.
5. Make sure you throw the bars early to avoid landing before they're spun and eating pavement.

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